Process Applications

Electrosep's patented technology is capable of treating process streams containing high concentration of organic and inorganic solids without fouling while operating at high efficiency.

The new electrolytic process has been tested in several industrial applications. Some of its applications are listed below:

Market Application Benefits of Electrosep's Process
Production of Alternative Fuels from Nonwood and Wood Cellulosic Biomass including ETHANOL Fuel, Natural Lignin and HYDROGEN using a patented Electrolytic Membrane Technology


*Alternative Fuel and Energy Generation
*Caustic Recovery
Economically viable processes for alternative fuels production with an increase in thermal and combustion efficiencies for power boilers, evaporators, etc., and increase in electrical power generation, recovering valuable chemicals, reducing alternative fuel and cellulose pulp production net costs, more energy savings, better flexibility for products inventory control, reduction of emissions of odorous gases and increases net profits for the end user.

Pulp and Paper Industry:

Kraft-wood liquors 

Non-wood liquors

Other Alkali Effluent Sources



*Alternative Fuel and Power Generation
*Caustic Recovery
Provides traditional agricultural processes with new income through value-added product creation; creates pulp for paper production, fertilizer, hydrogen, methane, ethanol, and increases electrical power generation; recovers valuable chemicals, and provides energy savings. and increases net profits for the mill.

Pulp and Paper Industry
Bleach Effluent

Removes organic contaminants, reduces emissions of hazardous waste, and provides near zero-discharge operation for pulp mills.

Hardboard Manufacturing Process Effluent

Removes organic contaminants, provides near zero-discharge operation, and recovers valued chemicals from whitewater effluent.

Recycled Pulp and Paper Process

Removes heavy organics and large starches to enable zero-discharge operation, reduces chemical-additive treatment costs.

VIDEO: International Market Application

This video describes an organic sugarcane bagasse project in the Dominican Republic planning to use Electrosep's Technology for alternative energy production, chemical recovery, and paper fabrication.

Bagasse (spent sugarcane stalk) obtained in the sugar process is treated with the Electrolytic Technology to produce cellulose-pulp, lignin fuel, lignin as a value-added chemical, hydrogen, methane, and electrical energy.

2004, Electrosep,Inc.
Cruz Verde Site Red Machines That Crush the Sugarcane

2004, Electrosep,Inc.
Cruz Verde Site Evaporators Concentrate Liquid Sugar