The Company

Electrosep, Inc. is an Oregon Corporation with offices located in Corvallis, OR. The company began development of an electrolytic membrane technology in 1987 while under a presently unaffiliated company. Electrosep, Inc. was formed in 1997 for the purpose of introducing the newly developed technology into the industry.

The engineering and manufacturing expertise of its staff covers a wide range of membrane separation processes, as well as conventional filtration equipment. Its expertise in membrane separation includes electrolytic membrane processes, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, cross-flow filtration and others. The company designs water and wastewater treatment equipment for applications in various industries.

Electrosep, Inc. has addressed a number of applications in the treatment of various industrial process water and wastewater streams. Some of those applications involve recovery of chemicals from process streams in pulp and paper manufacturing operations, removal of contaminants from industrial effluents, and purification of food and pharmaceutical products.

The Management Team

Electrosep, Inc., is an Oregon corporation under the leadership of Mr. Ricardo F. Caro, founder and president of the company. Mr. Caro is a professional licensed chemical engineer with a business marketing degree and has over 30 years experience in holding executive and managerial positions in a variety of equipment design and manufacturing companies as well as chemical processing enterprises.

As a chemical engineer, Mr. Caro has led in the development and manufacture of industrial membrane separation processes that include the recovery of chemicals from highly viscous streams, the development of a water extraction and cold concentration processes for food and pharmaceutical products, water purification systems, and wastewater treatment plants for domestic and industrial applications. Mr. Caro’s involvement in the treatment of black liquor and other process streams in the pulp and paper industry has provided excellent alternative processes that can save the industry millions of dollars and eliminate a number of contaminant emissions that are considered a threat to the environment. Mr. Caro was also project manager for the electrolytic membrane group responsible for a $2.3 million project that introduced a newly developed technology capable of recovering a high purity caustic soda as byproduct from the black liquor stream generated at pulp and paper mills in the industry.

Electrosep’s management team also includes the participation of several other highly qualified and experienced personnel. Among these, is vice president, Mr. Ramón Antonio Caro, a mechanical engineer with over thirty years of experience in corporate management, project engineering and construction, and metallurgical products manufacturing for several industries worldwide. The specific engineering and research operations are presently led by Mr. Keith G. Fuller and Mr. David G. Shipley.

The management team members that presently lead the company provide a great amount of experience in equipment design and manufacturing, chemical process design, and the development of new process applications for a wide range of industries. The experience they provide in design and manufacturing filtration systems for industrial applications is exceedingly valuable to the company.

The experience that Electrosep's staff brings to the company includes:

  • Design and construction of the world's first sea water reverse osmosis (RO) membrane system used as pretreatment for boiler feed water at Rosarito Electric Power Plant in Rosarito, Mexico in early 1980s. The plant included Neptune Microfloc's special media sand-filtration, UV sterilization, and Dupont Permasep seawater RO membrane to produce high quality water prior to ion exchange demineralizers.
  • Construction of one of the first trailer-mounted RO membrane systems for a power utility company in Texas. The plant included a process similar to the Rosarito Electric Power Plant and was contained in mobile trailer units for faster installation.
  • Reverse osmosis system for treatment of field drainage streams at Kirkwood Meadows Ski Resort using spiral wound membranes supplied by Fluid Systems.
  • Biological treatment plant for the City of Hood River in Oregon including a biological-tower and secondary and tertiary filtration systems.
  • Portable/trailer mounted reverse osmosis units designed and built for emergency applications by the US Army including pretreatment and spiral wound membranes. The portable units produced drinking water from any surface or ground water supply available to the military personnel and nearby communities.
  • Pulp and paper industry process analysis to investigate best possible options to increase the efficiency of methods presently used for chemical recovery and treatment of wastewater effluents at pulp mills.
  • Other designs and installations included a wide range of applications in water and wastewater treatment for various industries and municipal institutions.